WWE 2k17 Release Date, Trailer, News and Updates

WWE 2k17 Release Date

WWE 2K17 Release Date, Trailer, News and Updates are revealed. WWE 2k17 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game. This game is Developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts and will be published by 2k sports. WWE 2k17 Game developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This game is the 4th game which is developed under WWE 2k and 18th installment from the series of WWE. The Game Follows up the Gameplay of its previous installment WWE 2k16. You can Download WWE 2k16 Free for PC

WWE 2k17 Release Date :

PlatformsRelease Dates
PlayStation 4October 11, 2016
PlayStation 3October 11, 2016
Xbox OneOctober 11, 2016
Xbox 360October 11, 2016
Microsoft Windows (PC)TBA(To be Announced)

WWE 2k17 features Singlplayer and Multiplayer Mode. It also includes a wrestler to fight in crowd or in backstage. The gameplay of this game is improved as compared to its previous part. The Game includes Roster, MyCareer, WWE universe and DLC’s to make the game addictive and impressive. You can Watch the Trailer of MyCareer which is officially revealed by WWE 2k.

You Can Download the full Game free from our website when it is available and Cracked for PC.

-Rihno Games-

Following are the WWE Game Series available to Download from our site :

WWE 2k17 DLC’s Pack :

  • Accelerator ($4.99)
  • Future Star Pack ($8.99)
  • Hall of Fame Showcase ($9.99)
  • Legends Pack ($8.99)
  • MyPlayer Kick Start ($9.99)
  • New Moves Pack ($3.99)
  • NXT Enhancement (PlayStation 4 & Xbox one exclusive) ($9.99)
  • NXT Legacy Pack (PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 exclusive) ($4.99)

WWE 2k17 Season Pass :

You can buy the selective downloadable Content with a discount price with this season pass. You can download the following packs in just $29.99.

  • Accelerator.
  • Future Star Pack
  • Hall of Fame Showcase.
  • Legends Pack.
  • New Moves Pack.

WWE 2k17 Digital Deluxe Edition :

The Following packs are available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one in just $89.99. (available for Pre-Order)

  • Copy of WWE 2k17.
  • WWE 2k17 Season Pass.
  • WWE 2k17 MyPlayer Kick Start.
  • WWE 2k16 MyPlayer Kick Start.
  • Goldberg Pack.
  • Theme.

The Following packs available for PlayStation 3 on October 11, 2016 in just $79.99

  • Copy of WWE 2k17
  • WWE 2k17 Season Pass.
  • NXT Legacy Pack.

Pre-Order NOW !!!

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