Watch Far Cry 5 Trailer and Release Date [Confirmed]

Far Cry 5 Trailer

Far Cry 5 Trailer and Release Date:

Watch Announced Far Cry 5 Trailer Official and Get the Release Date of the Game. You can also Pre-Order the Game Far Cry 5 if you want to play the Game Now. Far Cry 5 Release Date is Mentioned below

Far Cry 5 Overview:

Far Cry 5 Welcome you to Hope County Montana, this is an idyllic place where the lives a freedom-loving community and a fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project Eden Gate. Eden Gate has been quietly infiltrating every aspect of life. After your arrival, you need to rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate be signed community.

You can Explore freely, Hope County Lands and Rivers as in the previous installments of Far Cry. You have to solve the mysteries and different places. Far Cry 5 Features a Unique Storyline with its thrilling Gameplay.

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Far Cry 5 Release Date

Far Cry 5 Release Date

Far Cry 5 Release Date:

After watching the amazing Trailer, everyone has a question in their mind what will be the Far Cry 5 Release Date. On which Platform this game is going to be released. The Official Far Cry 5 Release Date is mentioned below.

February 27th, 2018


Far Cry 5 is going to be released on multiple Platform PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows (PC) and Xbox One. This is a Big News for Gamers because they can enjoy this amazing game on 27-2-2018.

Meet Mary May Fairgrave:

Far Cry 5 Editions:

Far Cry 5 have 3 Different Game Editions, each edition has different value packs like additional weapons, vehicles, and texture. Following are the Type of Editions which are available for Xbox ONE, PS4 and PC.

  • Standard Edition –  Contains Far Cry 5 Only.
  • Deluxe Edition – Contains Far Cry 5 and Deluxe Pack.
  • Gold Edition – Contains Far Cry 5, Deluxe Pack and Season Pass.
Far Cry 5 Animals

Far Cry 5 Animals


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