Need For Speed II SE Cheats Codes

Need For Speed II SE Cheats Codes

You can Activate the Cheat Code by Just Typing the Code in the Selection Area where you Select you car or Maps. Type the Following Cheat Codes and Enjoy the game.

Need For Speed II SE Cheats Codes :

CodeCode Effects
go50You car will turn into Beer Box
go23You car will turn into Blue Sedan
roadrageHorn to Crash the cars
bomberYou car will turn into bomber BFS car
chaseChase Mode
go40You car will turn into Crate 1
go49You car will turn into Crate
madlandColors Change
rexrageDinosaur Traffic
fzr200FZR 2000 car
redracerFord Indigo
Vgo27You car will turn into Green VW
go28You car will turn into Grey Convertible
go41You car will turn into hadncart
rushhourincrease Traffic
vipLimousine Traffic
RainRain Mode
hollywoodMonolithic studio track
pioneerEngine Pioneer
schoolzoneSchool bus Traffic
slotSlot Car Mode
slipSlow Motion
madSmoking cow Tires

You can try┬áthe “go” code by adding numbers with go like go33 Yellow Snow Truck You can Type any number in between 18-51 to activate the Cheat Code.

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