GTA 6 Release date News and Updates

GTA 6 Release date News

Rockstar Games going to expand their series of Grand Theft Auto with a new Launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. After a great success of Grand Theft Auto 5 Rockstar games is in such problematic position, because they have to answer the questions of peoples about GTA 6 Release date. The Gossip about GTA 6 starts from the Rockstar North side, the president Leslie Benzies said that The news and Updates about GTA 6 will possibly announced before the Launch of GTA 5. After the release of GTA V the people are now more interested in Grand Theft Auto series. The Developers are going to start some work on Grand Theft Auto 6.


Series and Release Date :


Grand Theft Auto1997
Grand Theft Auto 21999
Grand Theft Auto 32001
Grand Theft Auto Vice City2002
Grand Theft Auto San andreas2004
Grand Theft Auto IV2008
Grand Theft Auto V2013
Grand Theft Auto VI???


GTA 6 Release date is not officially announced by Rockstar Games but the rumor and Gossips about GTA 6 from Rockstar North tells that GTA 6 will announced in between 2017 and 2018. GTA 5 Collects approx $1 billions revenue all over. GTA V is an Amazing game but the developers get new Ideas new location, weapons, skills and mission for GTA 6. The fan made wallpapers and Trailers are on the youtube and google which tells us the craze of GTA 6 in peoples. Rockstar game will announced the news about GTA 6 release date/year. Rockstar Games don’t want people to know about GTA 6 because they want to make more buisness from GTA 5. Leslie Benzies said in a Press Confrence that “We have GTA 6 ideas but we don’t know what GTA 6 is”. Rockstar are making much worth from GTA V the Online Play of GTA V is making GTA much crazy as than that. The online play of GTA v is making a new Trend now a days people are going carzy about GTA V. Rockstar North have many frequently Ideas about GTA 6 but they are not making an news of GTA 6 beacuse they want more revenue from GTA 5 but tommorrow Rockstar North have some Gossip about GTA 6 Release date and Development.