Fallout 4 Crack only and Fixes

Fallout 4 Crack only

Fallout 4 is available to download with it’s crack and Bug’s fixes. You need to download some file from the link below the crack and follow our Instructions to fix out your bug. First of all download the Crack, Extract it and Copy it to your game folder. After copying the fallout 4 crack if all of your bugs are not fix then follow the Following Guidelines.

Download Fallout 4 Crack:


The following instructions can help you to remove the bugs like game Crashes, game date not saving automatically and also fix your black screen issue.

[bs_button size=”lg” type=”primary” value=”En_strings Download” href=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SMhaOZb8-_RjNXSHFZTkd5aUE/view”]

  1. Download the En_Strings form the link given above.
  2. Copy all the files from the EN_String folder.
  3. Go to the main INSTALLATION folder Data -> String->Paste the files Here.
  4.  Change in Main Folder “Fallout4_Default.ini” the lines “sLanguage=ru” to “sLanguage=en”.
  5. Go to the user-> My Documents -> Games -> fallout 4 -> change the line “sLanguage=ru” to “sLanguage=en” in “Fallout4.ini”
  6. Hope tis Will Help YOu.. 🙂

There is a small bug where hitting play leads to freeze. You need to create the character in Russian, the game immediately auto save. Switch to EN, and Hit continue.

You can just skip the first character creation, because later on in the game you get asked if you want to apply some settings to appearance. To avoid black screen intro issue be sure to change any files video folder from “Ru” to “EN” for example : Intro_ru.bk2 -> Intro_en.bk2

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